Tow Truck Insurance Youngstown Ohio

Tow Truck Insurance Youngstown Ohio

Looking for great rates on Tow Truck Insurance in Youngstown Ohio and the surrounding areas?  Then call Pathway Insurance at 800-998-0662 or click on Tow Truck Insurance Youngstown Ohio to send us your information online for a free quote.

Pathway Insurance offers competitive rates on Tow Truck Insurance in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida, and we’re part of an agent referral service available in all 50 states.

Licensed agents are available seven days a week to complete quotes, issue policies and certificates of insurance, take payments, and file claims until 5:30 PM.

You can reach us by phone Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5:30 PM (EST).

Finding Tow Truck Insurance in Youngstown Ohio Can Be Tough!

There’re no two ways about it; the reality is that a fairly small amount of insurance companies provide tow truck insurance, even if your tow truck service is only a fraction of your overall business.

Out of the multitude of insurance providers available in Ohio, only a small minority actually offer Tow Truck Insurance in Ohio.

You may be surprised to hear that even many of the big name insurance companies – the ones whose multi-million dollar ads you see on television all the time – don’t sell tow truck insurance.

Pathway Insurance is different. Not only do we provide tow truck insurance, but we provide quotes seven days a week. Click Tow Truck Insurance in Youngstown Ohio to get started.

Why Do Most Insurance Providers Avoid Tow Truck Insurance?

The answer is money. Why else?

Most insurance companies subscribe to the notion that tow truck policies are not as lucrative as other forms of commercial auto insurance. They’ve found that they tend to have to pay out more money in claims for tow trucks than they’d like, and therefore choose not to pursue towing policies. In other words, many insurance companies deem tow truck insurance too risky for their bottom line.

Pathway Insurance does not share this view. We represent multiple insurance providers who are more than willing to provide tow truck coverage for towing services, auto dealerships, and repair garages.

Ohio Tow Truck Insurance – What About Repo?

Are there companies that insure towing operations that do repo work? The answer to that question is “yes”, but with some conditions:

Repossession work is insurable, but how expensive it is for you is contingent on what percentage of your total business repo work represents.

In most cases, a commercial auto insurance provider will underwrite coverage for a towing operation whose repo work makes up less than 10% of the operation’s total annual business. What this also means, unfortunately, is that if you do more than 10% of your total business in repo work, chances are most insurance providers will turn you down.

That said, there are of course some providers that will extend coverage for towing operations who do a lot of repo. But be prepared for some steeper premiums for this kind of specialty coverage.

In our next article we’ll continue our discussion about repossession work.

Tow Truck Insurance Youngstown Ohio – Get a Quote 7 Days a Week!

As a leading independent agency we have the flexibility to find you the best policy we can for your business. 

Our online quote system is available seven days a week. Click Youngstown Ohio Tow Truck Insurance or contact us by phone Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5:30 PM (EST) at 800-998-0662.

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