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Deadhead or Bobtail Insurance Quotes.

tractor trailer 5Are you looking for bobtail insurance in Ohio? Contact Pathway Insurance at 800-998-0662.  We offer Bobtail Insurance in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana for your trucking operation needs.

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Bobtail and Deadhead Insurance in Ohio

Bobtail and Deadhead insurance is also known as non-trucking liability insurance and it is specifically designed to provide liability coverage to tractor trailers while they are not pulling a trailer.

Do you need this coverage for proof of financial responsibility laws? No. Typically states require primary auto liability insurance for compliance of financial responsibility laws.

Ohio non-trucking liability insurance is an important coverage to invest in to protect you financially in the event of claims while you are not pulling a trailer.

How This Coverage Protects You

Claims Example: Your truck rear ends another vehicle resulting in injuries and property damage you are found to be legally responsible for while you are driving your truck to the dealership for maintenance.

Your primary liability will not extend coverage for this accident as you were not pulling a trailer. 

In contrast the non-trucking liability coverage will provide the coverage you need to pay for accidents while not pulling a trailer.  

Affordable Bobtail Insurance in Ohio Is One Phone Call Away!

We can help you find the commercial trucking insurance you need. Call 1-800-998-0662 for quotes and coverage or click on Ohio Bobtail Insurance to submit your request for an insurance quote.

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