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Ohio Landscape InsuranceNeed landscapers insurance in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, or Indiana?  

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As a leading independent insurance agency we offer comprehensive insurance options for small and large landscaping operations.

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What Coverage is Needed for Your Landscaping Business?

Ohio landscape insurance should include General Liability, Commercial Truck Insurance, business personal property for business property not used in the field in addition to Inland Marine Coverage to protect your mobile equipment such as bob cats, mowers, blowers, salt spreaders, plows, and of course workers compensation insurance to protect your workers.

One of the biggest mistakes made by landscaping companies is not purchasing a commercial truck insurance policy.  Why is this necessary?

A personal car insurance policy is designed for only non-business activities. 

If you have work vehicles on your personal car insurance policy or you allow employees to drive any of your work vehicles (even if you add them to your personal policy) your insurance company will likely deny any and all accident or claims caused in work vehicles while you are engaged in business activities.

Landscapers Claim Denial Example:

On the weekends to earn extra money you provide lawn care services to friends and family. Because you are quite skilled in landscaping and word-of-mouth advertising you find yourself working full-time as a landscaper with two full-time workers and 2 trucks.

Additionally during the wintertime you offer snow plowing services. One of your workers is named Philippe and he causes a multicar accident as he is plowing a shopping mall parking lot in which you have a contract. 

There are no injuries but Philippe causes $26,000 in property damage to three vehicles. 

You file a claim with your insurance company and 10 days later you receive a claim denial notice in the mail.

The reason for the claim denial is the exclusion in the personal auto policy for business activities. You are forced to pay $26,000 out-of-pocket!

Never Add Work Vehicles to Your Personal Insurance Policy!

You should never under any circumstances keep or add work vehicles to your personal auto policy, or allow employees to operate your vehicles while you are engaged in landscaping operations or any business activity.

Taking such actions is inviting your insurance company to issue a claim denial for small or large claims.

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We can help you find the truck insurance for landscaping in Ohio, General Liability, and equipment coverage your company needs.

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