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Need Cargo Coverage in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, or Kentucky for your Trucking Business?

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Who Needs Cargo Truck Insurance?

When transporting freight your company can be held responsible for loss to such freight under your control. 

Imagine carrying freight with a value of hundreds of thousands of dollars that is completely lost due to an accident caused by yourself or another driver in your employee without cargo coverage?

This is why it’s important to purchase truck cargo insurance.

What’s Covered by Trucking Cargo Insurance in Ohio?

Coverage is available for cargo (with limitations) because of dumping your freight due to accidents, fire, or running over your load.  Coverage can also include costs to remove the freight when dumped and additional costs for protecting undamaged cargo from further loss.

Cargo coverage may also include legal expenses such as defense from lawsuits and settlement of such claims up to your available policy limits selected. 

Additional extra losses and claims because of not delivering a load (Earned Freight Coverage) may also likewise be covered by a trucking cargo insurance policy.

What May Not Be Covered by Ohio Trucking Cargo Insurance?

Coverage for certain types of cargo may be excluded from coverage so it’s important to review your coverage carefully.

For instance some companies automatically exclude the following type of freight: Livestock or any type of live animals, art, jewelry, money, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, alcohol, explosives or radioactive material, property while in custody of any other carrier, owned by the insured or property not under bill of Lading

Specialized coverage and or endorsements may be available to purchase for certain types of freight, call our office at 800-998-0662 for more details.

Call Us for Trucking Cargo Insurance in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana

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