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Tow Truck Insurance Hamilton OhBetter options on Tow Truck Insurance in Hamilton Oh can be found at Pathway Insurance. Own a tow truck business or a garage that provides a towing service? If so then give us a call today.

We are a leading independent agency offering highly competitive rates for Tow Truck Insurance in Ohio. Whether you operate a single truck or an entire fleet, have just opened a new business or have years of experience, when you’re shopping for Hamilton Oh Tow Truck Insurance call Pathway Insurance at 800-998-0662 Mon-Fri 9 AM to 5:30 PM to talk with one of our licensed agents. You can also click Tow Truck Insurance Hamilton Oh seven days a week to start your free quote. 

Ohio Tow Truck Insurance – What Kind of Coverage Do You Need?

As you are likely aware, the state requires a certain amount of standard tow truck insurance. That required coverage is not all there is, however, nor is it all that’s recommended.

In addition to the standard coverage for tow trucks, business owners are also strongly advised to consider Ohio On Hook Coverage and Garage Keepers Insurance.

On Hook Coverage specifically protects the vehicles being towed by your tow trucks. Without this type of insurance, any damage to a customer’s vehicle while being towed will not be covered, even if you have a standard policy for your own tow truck.

Garage Keepers Insurance (sometimes also called Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance) specifically protects any customer vehicles that are in your care for any length of time. So if after towing a vehicle you decide to hold it overnight for repairs the next day, Garage Keepers would protect you from any damage sustained by the vehicle while sitting in your premises.

Now, you may not ever hold customer vehicles for any length of time after they’ve been towed, in which case you would not have much use for Ohio Garage Keepers Insurance; but these are the kinds of questions you should ask when shopping for Tow Truck Insurance in Hamilton Ohio.

The knowledgeable agents at Pathway Insurance are ready to answer questions like these. Let us help you find the coverage that best suits your needs.

Tow Truck Insurance Hamilton Ohio – Is This Covered?

James is on a cross-state road trip to visit friends in Hamilton. Barely five minutes after departing dark clouds fill the sky and it begins to rain.

It’s not long before the rain turns into a downpour. The wind picks up, and now James is driving directly into horizontal rain.

Even with his wipers going at full speed, James can hardly see out his windshield. Suddenly he realizes he’s about to hit an oncoming car. He swerves to avoid the collision, only to end up careening into a roadside ditch.

A tow truck arrives forty minutes later to pull the car out and take it to the nearest repair shop. But the torrent hasn’t let up. As luck would have it, James was destined to be in two car accidents that day.

The tow truck driver also loses track of the road in the awful driving conditions and rear-ends a car in front of them. Moments later a van rear-ends James’ car being towed behind them.

The tow truck is damaged, the car the tow truck hit is damaged, the van that ran into James’ car is damaged, and now James’ car is totaled. In a complex situation like this, whose insurance pays for the damage? James’? The towing company’s? The van owner’s?

The agents at Pathway Insurance can answer tough questions like this, and help to equip you with the proper insurance to cover you in a situation like the one above. 

Hamilton Ohio Tow Truck Insurance – We’ll Find the Coverage You Need.

Insurance is complicated. At Pathway we can help you sort through those complexities and get to the coverage you need.

Call us today at 800-998-0662 to speak with our licensed agents or click Tow Truck Insurance Hamilton Oh for quotes seven days a week.

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