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Cincinnati Ohio Owner Operator Insurance – Unfortunate Andy (Part Twelve)

In Part Eleven of our series following the exploits of truck driver Unfortunate Andy, Andy found himself in a dangerous situation.

You may recall that Andy is a die-hard Timler University Chestnuts football fan. He made a stop at the historic Timler Stadium to take a photo of himself in front of the famous arena, but only after the Chestnuts suffered a crushing upset at the hands of their bitter rivals, the University of Port Decklin Badgers, arguably due to a missed penalty call.

It now appears that the disgruntled and rowdy fans of the Timler University Chestnuts have begun to riot in the streets outside the arena, flipping, breaking, and burning just about everything in their path.

Andy enthusiastically joined in on the raucous chanting, but now the rioters appear to have their sights set on Andy’s semi truck, due to the fact that its paint job happens to match the colors of the hated Port Decklin Badgers.

Once Andy comprehends the reason for the mob’ sudden shift in focus toward targeting his truck, Andy begins to frantically plead with the mob not to damage his vehicle.

The rioters ignore his pleas, some of them shouting epithets and others simple shouting and roaring their anger.

Arms emerge from the rolling tide of people and pull Andy away from his beloved truck.

He watches with horror as dozens of lithe, young sports fans clamber and crawl up onto his truck and use baseball bats, golf clubs, bricks, and various articles of junk to smash, scrape, slash, crush, break, dent, and tear every surface where they can see the colors of the enemy.

Andy’s screams of protest go ignored.

What will happen next? Find out in the next part of our series.

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