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Tow Truck Insurance Elyria OhioIf you want great options, excellent customer service, and great rates on Tow Truck Insurance in Elyria Ohio and surrounding areas then you’ve come to the right place.

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What Coverage Is Necessary for Your Company? 

In our previous two articles we have been exploring the importance of knowing what coverage is right for your company, and discussing how the coverage you need for your towing operation is contingent upon the types of services your business offers.

Whether or not you need On Hook Coverage or Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance is dependent on your towing company’s situation and specializations.

So let’s return to our fictional scenario one more time, where we’ll learn the importance of having the right coverage for your towing situation.

Tow Truck Insurance Elyria Ohio – Coverage Scenario Concluded

When we left off, Tommy Two-Times had just filed a claim with his insurance company. A gang of hoodlums and hooligans called The Squeedlers had severely damaged six customer’s vehicles that were in the care of Tommy Two-Times’ towing business, Two-Times Towing and Body.

It takes some time for the insurance company to investigate the claim and assess the extent of the damage to all the cars. A few weeks later, Tommy receives a letter detailing the insurance firm’s assessment.

In a nutshell, The Squeedlers caused $164,000 in damage. And, heartbreakingly for Tommy, the insurance company is obligated to cover absolutely none of it.

How Can This Be?

When Tommy Two-Times purchased insurance for his towing business, he bought pretty decent coverage for all of his tow trucks. He even bought the optional (though highly recommended) On Hook Coverage to protect him financially from damage to customer vehicles while they’re being towed.

Unfortunately, Tommy did not purchase Ohio Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance, and that’s where he went wrong. You see, Garage Keepers Insurance is specifically designed to protect vehicles that are not your own while they are being held on your property. Without it, all those customer vehicles sitting in the lot at Two-Times Towing and Body waiting to be repaired are completely vulnerable.

As a result of the incident, Tommy Two-Times was forced to close his business in order to put up enough cash to pay for all the damages. The experience scarred him forever, and he vowed to dedicate the rest of his life to hunting down every last member of The Squeedlers and bring them to justice… by any means necessary.

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