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Owner Operator Insurance Akron Ohio

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Akron Ohio Owner Operator Insurance – Unfortunate Andy (Part Fourteen)

In our last article, Unfortunate Andy wrestled free of the mob restraining him and began to push his way through the crowd, with a purpose.

As the vandals stomped, smashed, scraped, and gouged his truck because its colors resembled the official colors of the University of Port Decklin Badgers, the hated enemy team that had just defeated the rioters’ beloved Timler University Chestnuts, Andy fought his way through the masses of angry people in a determined attempt to reach his truck.

On the way through the crowd, he took a big Timler University Chestnuts banner from an unwary rioter and pushed through to his truck.

When last we left him, Andy had just removed one of the vandals beating on his truck and had begun to climb up the side of his truck’s cabin.

By this point, the mindless crowd of rioters have long since lost track of who they had pulled out of the truck or what he looked like, so, no one makes any attempt to stop Andy’s climb. For all they know, he is just another one of the participants in all the rioting and vandalizing, and Andy is counting on this.

When he reaches the top of the cabin, Andy unfurls the big banner he took from a member of the crowd.

When the banner unfurls and the crowd sees the big, bold Chestnut logo emblazoned on a field of chartreuse and violet, the unmistakable colors of Timler University, they emit a roaring cheer that nearly takes Andy’s breath away.

Andy thrusts the banner into the air above him, and yet another thunderous cheer follows, this one even bigger than the last.

Clearly, the crowd has no idea this is the man who owns the truck they’ve just destroyed. Instead, they think Andy is a fellow vandal who has planted the flag of victory atop a symbol of the enemy.

What will Andy do now that he has the mob’s attention? Find out next time.

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