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If you need better rates on Tow Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania you need to call us right now!

Don’t let our domain name ( fool you; we definitely offer Insurance for Towing Companies in Pennsylvania and we would love to help you with your insurance needs (yes, we offer towing insurance in Ohio, as well as in 20+ other states. See our list below).

We insure every type of towing operation, even those that have just been cancelled for claim activity or whose insurance company went out of business!

Dial 1-800-998-0662 up until 5 PM EST through the week, use our online chat system after 5 PM, or send us a quote request at any time by clicking any of the links that you see directly below based on your nearby location:

Pathway Insurance offers awesome rates for Tow Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, N Alaska, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

Tow Truck Insurance Pennsylvania — Who Do We Insure?

We insure new ventures, repo companies, companies with a spotless record, companies that have so many claims and accidents they get cancelled by other insurance underwriters, and much more!

Were you cancelled because of too many claims? No problem. We have a company for that.

Did you receive a nonrenewal notice because the insurance underwriter you were previously with, maybe even for many years, decided they no longer want to insure tow companies?

No problem. We also have a spot for you!

As a specialist offering Pennsylvania Tow Truck Insurance, you can count on us today and tomorrow!

Tow Truck Insurance Pennsylvania — Why Choose Us?

It’s always best to work with a company that specializes in your industry. Why?

It’s really no different than choosing to work with the generalist versus a specialist in the medical field. For example, if you had heart disease would you seek treatment from a cancer specialist?

Likewise, if you had cancer would you go to your family doctor for treatment?

Nope in both cases. You would see a specialist who knows your condition better than other doctors, and likewise, if you want the best options for the long-term, use an agency like Pathway that specializes in your industry.

While it’s true that we do handle a few other commercial trucking niches, towing is our biggest area. We know tow so you can go to work profitably.

In addition, we offer some services that you won’t find with other companies.

Number 1: Warp Speed Quotes. We are not sure exactly why this is the case but a number of companies selling Tow Truck Insurance seem to work in slow motion. Is it because they have so much business that they feel they don’t need any more?

Is it because they know that very few agents offer fast quotes so they get to work at their own pace?

Is it because they don’t use technology efficiently? (we use it like crazy)

We are not exactly sure why other agents do what they do, but one thing is for sure: when you contact Pathway for your Pennsylvania Tow Truck Insurance Quotes we are able to get those quotes at warp speed.

Put us to the test to see if this is true or not by requesting a quote. Click Pennsylvania Tow Truck Insurance and see what happens next.

Example: one tow company called a few agents days before contacting us and they complained it was like pulling teeth to get quotes. We acknowledged this problem and, in an hour or less, we had the quotes they needed to get them started. 

Faster quotes to you saves you time and money.

Hey, we are a business owner just like you. Time equals money. Wasted time equals wasted money. Don’t you agree?

Give us a shot. Let us get you quoted and you will see the difference between us and our competitors. Click on Pennsylvania Tow Truck Insurance right now!

Number 2: Representing more than one company offering Tow Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania. Every week we get requests from other agents asking us to let them sell commercial truck insurance through our company, and we politely decline. 

Why do agents want to sell insurance through our company? Because we have access to companies they do not. Some agents have tried to trick us into revealing which insurance companies we represent and then they get angry when we refuse to tell them, as if we owed them some obligation or duty to offer them that information.

We only help our customers, and that is why you can count on Pathway to help you with your insurance. Click on Pennsylvania Tow Truck Insurance to get a quote right now.

Number 3: Re-shopping service. What’s a re-shopping service? We re-shop our customers’ accounts every year to find the best deal. Is that what you want from your agent? Or do you enjoy spending hours or even days talking to insurance agents? If you love to talk to insurance agents be our guest, but if you don’t, use Pathway Insurance for your Commercial Tow Truck Insurance needs.

Why is our re-shopping service great? It saves you time and money.

Example: one of our customers started his own company, and because he was a new business venture, he was going to pay more for his insurance. He did so, and after 12 months we were able to reduce his prices by 40% because he now qualified for preferred rating.

Isn’t that what you want in your insurance professional? That’s exactly what you will get when you choose Pathway Insurance.

Get a quote right now by clicking Pennsylvania Tow Truck Insurance.

Number 4: Friendly, knowledgeable insurance agents. Because we know tow, we can help you grow your business. Our team is super friendly and efficient, and we know tow so you can grow.

We are not going to give you legal advice to help you set up your company or provide you financing but we will get you the insurance you need.

However, we want to be upfront with you: we do not tolerate disrespectful, condescending conversations filled with expletives (cuss words) with our team. Most of our team members are ladies who know what they are doing, so watch how you speak to them.

We don’t take kindly to men with inferiority complexes speaking roughly with our team members. We are always courteous and respectful to our customers and we ask for the same in return.

In addition, we do not put up with flimflam games by fly-by-night tow companies who are here today and gone tomorrow.

If you try to pull a fast one, either on us or the insurance company, we will find out and quickly request a policy cancellation.

Example: one individual purchased a tow truck policy when he was not a tow truck company at all, but an auto hauler or hotshot operator. There is a distinct difference between a tow truck operator and an auto hauler or hotshot operator.

Auto haulers and hotshot operators pay far more in premium dollars compared to tow truck companies. This person lied to our team and tried to pull a fast one because he could not afford hotshot rates, so he thought he would be clever and try to trick us. Within a short period of time we learned of his flimflam scam and sent him packing (by the way, pulling a fast one on the insurance company is better known as insurance fraud, and insurance fraud is a crime).

Tow Truck Insurance Pennsylvania — Call or Click Right Now!

When you need a steal of a deal click Tow Truck Insurance Pennsylvania to send us your request for quotes online or, better yet, call us at 800-998-0662 up until 5 PM throughout the week or use our chat system that is available after hours.

We are here to help you with your needs.

We offer Tow Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, N Alaska, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

Why not call us right now or send us a request for insurance via our online quote request system? Pick the city link below closest to your business operation:

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