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Tow Truck Insurance Louisville Kentucky – New Ventures Welcome!

Tow Truck Insurance Louisville Kentucky Need Tow Truck Insurance in Louisville Kentucky or the surrounding areas?  If so, you have found a great place to buy Tow Truck Insurance! 

Pathway offers Tow Truck Insurance throughout the US for both new ventures and existing companies. 

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Tow Truck Insurance Louisville Kentucky — Avoid the New Business Venture If You Are Not a New Business

As was mentioned above we insure new business ventures as well as established tow companies, but if you are not an actual new business let’s say you are only pretending to be one to get better rates – we will tell you straight-up that it won’t work! 

In a previous post, we learned about a predicament Bugsy McCoy got himself into with his company Bugsy McCoy Towing. 

Bugsy has run his business slipshod and has put up with bad drivers causing a number of claims and accidents. The accidents and claims are more than his current company is willing to put up with so they give Bugsy the boot. His agent basically does the same thing, telling him the best rate he now qualifies for is three times more than what he was paying before.

Well, Bugsy has other ideas. 

Bugsy gets the bright idea to “shut down” his current company and buy insurance as a “new business venture.”

Bugsy is not the swiftest guy, intellectually speaking; he actually heard this idea from one of his competitors and decided to give it a whirl.

Bugsy makes a few calls to different agents (not the agent he has bought insurance from in the past, of course, because he won’t be able to trick that guy) to find a company willing to insure a “new towing business” 

Sure enough, Bugsy finds a company that buys his story of opening up his “new towing company.” The agent representing the company is named Slick Willie. 

Tow Truck Insurance Louisville Kentucky — Slick Willie Pulls a Fast One on Bugsy! 

Slick Willie has had a run of bad luck in the agency he started just a few years ago. He decided to start selling Tow Truck Insurance in Kentucky as the premium rates are big (and so are his commissions). 

There is only one small problem Slick Willie has run into: He is about to lose the only company to whom he sells tow truck insurance. He owes about $15,000 in back commissions and they are threatening to cancel his contract and sue if they don’t get their money back in four weeks

Slick Willie can’t have an insurance lawsuit on his record because he won’t be able to get appointments with other companies selling Tow Truck Insurance in Kentucky. This is his only Kentucky Tow Truck Insurance Company and he can’t lose them. 

Slick Willie takes a call from one Bugsy at Bugsy McCoy Towing.  After gathering the information and running the reports Slick Willie sees right through Bugsy’s little scheme – Bugsy obviously doesn’t know that insurance companies are able to quickly make a connection between previous tow truck companies to weed out this exact tactic sometimes used by tow companies who can’t find low rates. 

Slick Willie decides that he will make up a fake insurance company to help Bugsy (at least in his mind) gets what he needs: Cheap Kentucky Tow Truck Insurance! 

Slick Willie tells Bugsy about a “new” company willing to insure new business ventures for rock bottom pricing. The price for his new insurance is $29,000 per year or, if he pays in full for twelve months, it would be exactly $15,000. 

Naturally, the $15,000 is what Slick Willie owes to his one legitimate Kentucky Tow Truck Insurance Company. He figures that after a few months he will tell Bugsy about the fake insurance, wagering Bugsy won’t turn him in since he himself is committing insurance fraud by lying on the “new” insurance application. 

Bugsy doesn’t like the $29,000 figure or the $15,000 paid in full, but he sees no choice. He has already been turned down by every insurance company he called, so Bugsy goes for the $15,000 paid in full offer Slick Willie gave him. 

In our next post, we will learn what transpires.

Tow Truck Insurance Louisville Kentucky — Low Rates and in Some Cases Same Day Coverage!

Pathway Insurance is a leading Insurance broker offering Tow Truck Insurance in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and the state of Maryland seven days per week. 

We can help you find the coverage you need for your business no matter if you are a new business, an existing business looking for better rates, or a company in need of High Risk Tow Truck Insurance in Kentucky. 

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