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Low rates are what we offer, but also good advice.  Keep reading to learn about a mistake some tow company owners have made that put them right out of business by using the New Business Venture Insurance loophole! 

Tow Truck Insurance Lexington Kentucky – Avoid This Mistake at All Costs! 

In a series of articles we have considered the fictitious story of one Bugsy McCoy, owner of Bugsy McCoy Towing.

Bugsy put himself in a bad spot because he lost his Kentucky Tow Truck Insurance Company after a number of claims caused by his two reckless drivers, Jim and Joe Henderson.

Jim and Joe are twin brothers with a bit of larceny in their heart and a propensity to pretend they have recurring roles in a remake of Mad Max.

In other words Jim and Joe Henderson are really, really bad drivers who have cost Bugsy’s former Kentucky Tow Truck Insurance Company a bundle of money, which subsequently led the company to dropping Bugsy like a hot potato. 

Bugsy heard about a tactic from one of his competitors (who secretly misled Bugsy hoping he would get in hot water and have to sell his business) for a way to obtain cheap Kentucky Tow Truck Insurance. 

Well, Bugsy thought he found the perfect agent, a man by the name of Slick Willie. 

Bugsy tells Willie a story about his “new” business venture. Slick Willie isn’t buying it, of course, but he doesn’t let on because he has a little problem of his own, and Bugsy is the perfect man to fix his problem.

Slick Willie owes about $15,000 to one of his companies in commissions charge-backs, and he has less than 30 days to pay up – or else! 

Slick Willie tells Bugsy about a “new” company willing to insure new business ventures for rock bottom pricing. The price for his new insurance is $29,000 per year or, if he pays in full for twelve months, it would be exactly $15,000. 

This “New Company” is merely a fabrication of Willie’s imagination but he figures he can get away with it because old Bugsy is committing a felony himself by trying to give false information to an insurance company. That’s insurance fraud in Willie’s mind. 

Bugsy buys Slick Willie’s song and dance. He hands over a check for $15,000 payable to Slick Willie himself and signs some bogus insurance applications without noticing that the name of the fictitious insurance company is something Willie made up out of thin air. 

Slick Willie had every intention in the world to tell Bugsy the truth and then blackmail him so he doesn’t go to the police or insurance commissioner, but before even 2 weeks pass by after Bugsy’s bogus insurance policy went into effect, Jim Henderson runs over a biker as he is making his way to a tow job. 

At first Jim lies to the police officer. Soon, however, it comes out that Jim was texting his brother Joe, took his eyes off the road, and clipped a cyclist.  The cyclist was transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries. 

The police receive a copy of the fake Insurance ID card Slick Willie had made up for Bugsy McCoy Towing and quickly notice something doesn’t look right. Jim calls Bugsy to tell him about his accident and that the police want to get a better copy of the insurance card because something isn’t adding up. 

This is the beginning of the end for both Bugsy and Slick Willie; don’t miss our next post to find out what happens next. 

Remember, don’t try to pull a fast one on Kentucky Tow Truck Insurance Companies. When you attempt to use the New Business Venture Loophole by closing down one company and reopening under a new name to get lower rates on Tow Truck Insurance in Kentucky, you will get caught. The same is true no matter which state you are in.

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