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Fort Wayne Indiana Tow Truck Insurance — Super Low Rates for Tow Companies 7 Days per Week!

If you’re lookingFort Wayne Indiana Tow Truck Insurance for great deal on Tow Truck Insurance in Fort Wayne Indiana and the surrounding areas you’ve come to the right place!

Call 1-800-998-0662 Monday – Friday until 5 PM Central Standard Time.  Or if you find us after hours send us your request for Commercial Truck Insurance Quotes seven days per week by finding the link below for your closest location:

Pathway Insurance is leading independent insurance brokerage offering Commercial Truck Insurance throughout the United States

Fort Wayne Indiana Tow Truck Insurance — Who Can We Insure?

We Insure New Business Ventures

  • Repo Operations
  • Companies That Have Been Canceled for Claims
  • Those Who Forgot to Pay Their Bill and Their Insurance Lapsed
  • Indiana High Risk Tow Truck Insurance
  • Garages
  • Car Dealerships (New and Used)
  • Farms with Tow Trucks
  • Expediters
  • Car Haulers

Those We Can’t Insure Include

  • Those Who Need Indiana Tow Truck Insurance for Short Periods of Time
  • Those Convicted of Insurance Fraud
  • Those Who Want To Violate Insurance Underwriting Requirements

Other than the three items listed above we can insure nearly any type of company including those who have had severe claims issues.

Tow Truck Insurance Fort Wayne Indiana — Avoid Using Creative Ways to Buy Tow Truck Insurance Part 6.

In our previous article we learned about “Tricky Ricky.”  Ricky in his efforts to save money on Tow Truck Insurance pulled a fast one on his insurance company by adding a commercial vehicle to his personal car insurance policy which is a big no-no in the insurance business.

Ricky is about to get busted let’s find how it happens.

Stan Earnest, sales manager at XYZ Auto Insurance had a conversation with Mr. Dudley Dew Right about “Tricky Ricky” and Dudley provides the VIN number and “Tricky Ricky’s” full name to Stan and they both said goodbye.

Stan walks over to the office of Stephany Kowalski, a senior underwriter and Stan knocks lightly on her door before he pokes his head in, “got a minute Stephany?”

“Sure, what’s up boss?” 

“Can you do me a favor I want you to do a reverse search of a possible customer using a name and VIN number.” Stanley hands over the name and VIN number on a note pad.

“Sure thing give me a second.” Stephany quickly types in the information and finds an active policy, looks up from her computer screen and states: “Looks like I see an active policy with a couple vehicles listed, do we need to flag for underwriting review?”

“No, not just yet, would you mind if I sit down for a second and look at the file?”

Stephany offers her chair to her boss and Stan sits down.

What will Stan find?

Tune in next time to our next post.

Tow Truck Insurance Fort Wayne Indiana — Call us Right Now!

Call 1-800-998-0662 Monday – Friday until 5 PM CST.  If you find our website after 5PM or on the weekend send us your request for Quotes by using the link below for your nearby location:

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